A Canmore Retreat


TONS of lattes to keep the body warm and our fingers typing.

A walk in the Brisk Mountain Air to get the creativity flowing.

I packed up my netbook a couple of weeks ago and headed to CANMORE (Alberta) with Amy Jo Fleming, author of “DEATH AT BANDIT CREEK” (Bandit Creek Mystery) to work on a new book about a female PI on a diamond laundering case. It’s based on a trip I took to Yellowknife NWT a couple of years ago with my two fellow authors Roxy Boroughs and Suzanne Stengl, author of Angel Wings.

I keep threatening to write the real life story of our trip, but for now both Roxy and I are using the beautiful scenery as a setting for our books. Check out “A Stranger’s Touch” (Passionate Strangers) by Roxy Boroughs.

While we were in Canmore, I got a great start on True’s story – I wrote over 10,000 words in less than a week! And we had fun doing it. My heroine, True Kirby, is just about to start her journey to Yellowknife so you’ll have to wait a while longer to read about that.