Back to work on the FROST FAMILY & FRIENDS series

…And who better to get a bit of coaching from than JAMES SCOTT BELL!

Brenda with James Scott Bell in Calgary Workshop

James was in Calgary on May 24th to talk to my local chapter of RWA (Romance Writers of America) all about PLOT STRUCTURE. It was perfect timing for me, since I’m a plotter and always start my new project by developing an outline.

A Canmore Retreat


TONS of lattes to keep the body warm and our fingers typing.

A walk in the Brisk Mountain Air to get the creativity flowing.

I packed up my netbook a couple of weeks ago and headed to CANMORE (Alberta) with Amy Jo Fleming, author of “DEATH AT BANDIT CREEK” (Bandit Creek Mystery) to work on a new book about a female PI on a diamond laundering case. It’s based on a trip I took to Yellowknife NWT a couple of years ago with my two fellow authors Roxy Boroughs and Suzanne Stengl, author of Angel Wings.

I keep threatening to write the real life story of our trip, but for now both Roxy and I are using the beautiful scenery as a setting for our books. Check out “A Stranger’s Touch” (Passionate Strangers) by Roxy Boroughs.

While we were in Canmore, I got a great start on True’s story – I wrote over 10,000 words in less than a week! And we had fun doing it. My heroine, True Kirby, is just about to start her journey to Yellowknife so you’ll have to wait a while longer to read about that.

World building by Cynthia Woolf

In a recent post, Cynthia Woolf  says that one of her critique partners asked her how she did her world building. Her answer was that she didn’t know, “I just built it and they came.”  Her blog proves it wasn’t quite that simple. Take a look at World building by Cynthia Woolf