Sweet Romance

When I started writing fiction, my stories always began with a dead body and then went on from there. I have to admit I love murder and mayhem, but sometimes the relationship between the hero and heroine has enough magic of its own to carry you through. The characters push and pull each other through their individual-and entwined-arcs without the need for additional mystery, adventure or dead bodies.

The first time I felt the urge to write a story like this was when faced with the reality of our human mortality and needed to remember the joy and hope that comes with romance. My friend Roxy Boroughs jumped on board and we ended up with a whole collection of sweet romantic short stories. If you pick up a copy of Stories of Chance Romance, see if you can guess which story was the first to emerge. It’s available on www.amazon.com and all authors’ profits from the sale of this anthology are being donated to advance the research, education, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.

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