According to some sketchy family lore, I’m related to Wilkie Collins. Whether that is true of not, I know that the books that drew me were always mysteries, starting with The Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew. I learned the power of a well-placed clue by reading Agatha Christie. I discovered strong character development from Rex Stout and Dick Francis, and romantic suspense from Mariah Stewart and Kay Hooper. And of course, like everyone else, I’ve learned so much about the art of storytelling from Nora Roberts / J. D. Robb!

As my own writing has evolved, I’ve become more of a bit of a genre bender, but I’ve always got a cozy mystery running through my stories, and a hero and heroine who have to build a relationship of some kind to resolve the puzzle and reach their goals. Then I may weave in paranormal elements, or give it an old style detective twist, or wander into the international suspense thriller genre…wherever my imagination and mood takes me.

So, while I have a more traditional cozy mystery in progress, with a fresh new female private investigator who’s first case involves murder and diamond laundering, in the meantime you might enjoy:

WITCH IN THE WIND, which starts with a double murder of two ordinary citizens of Bandit Creek, who aren’t what they seem…..

THE HOLLY & THE IVY, when a police officer in rural Vermont must figure out who abandoned an infant in the manger of the town’s nativity display and why.

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