What the Reviewers are saying …

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Kiki Howell (www.authorsbyauthors.blogspot.ca, 28 May 2012)

“I loved your story….The mythology went deeper than I had expected from reading the blurb. the Otherland, Lost Guardians, keys, familiars, secrets, etc. were so creative and so well-devised. With twists and turns to the plot, and thus having more mythology revealed, the author did a wonderful job of explaining and describing, making the complicated and new easily understandable.The surprises continued throughout, creating quite a suspenseful plot. I found myself reading faster and faster to find out what happened, all while forcing myself to hold back and take in all of the town and magical depictions.”

Mindy Wall (www.Books, Books, and More Books.com, 14 Jun 2012)

Avy and Marcus share an immediate connection which results in Marcus finding out things he isn’t sure he wants to know about his home (not giving anything away because this is good). Avy also has an animal protector. This is a fabulous romance with a great underlying storyline that I am sure we will hear more about in up-coming Bandit Creek stories. I give this 4.5 out of 5 clouds.”

Katie O’Connor, (www.amazon.c0m, 26 Jun 2012)

“Collins creates beautiful and believable characters who discover new facets of their personalities and become the people the always had to potential to be. Her character development is surprisingly good in such a short space. She has realistically portrayed a world of magic, deceit and love which draws the reader in until they breathlessly race to the end of this moving story.”

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