Meet the Author

Brenda Collins has wanted to write romance since she was twelve years old. At the age of twenty, she spoke to an editor in Toronto, Canada, who expressed an interest in her story; however, she soon realized it takes more than an idea to be an author. She joined a number of writing groups to learn about ‘the craft’ and completed two mystery manuscripts. When the Bandit Creek opportunity arose, Brenda jumped on board immediately. The story that emerged, Witch in the Wind, starts with a double murder, but it comes to life with witches, warlocks, a “familiar” and a magical dimension called THE OTHERLAND.

To help her fellow writers develop strong business skills, Brenda has published articles, and delivered workshops to hundreds of writers, on career planning, professional networking and presentation skills. Her most recent article, entitled How to Improve your Presentations,  is in the 2013 Writer’s Market (Brewer, R.L., ed. F&W Media Inc. p. 153).

Brenda just released a collection of short romantic stories with award-winning author, Roxy Boroughs. 100% of the authors’ royalties are being donated to the fight against breast cancer. (See STORIES OF CHANCE ROMANCE)

And, she promises magical people will from THE OTHERLAND will continue to slip through the portal to the mortal world for more adventures. And, of course, Marcus and Avy will have a role to play in resolving the situation with the Witches Council at some point.

If you have read and enjoyed Witch in the Wind or Stories of Chance Romance, please help other readers find it by recommending it to friends or writing a review on Amazon. Follow Brenda on Twitter For upcoming titles, keep an eye on her Amazon Author Page.

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